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Two skincare brands for an unrivalled experience

Martin's City Spa offers you ceremonies dedicated to your wellness with exceptional treatments designed by Cinq Mondes and Phytomer. Two very different brands for the same goal: to restore your glow.

A world tour of beauty from our space in Louvain-la-Neuve

Martin’s City Spa in Louvain-la-Neuve has selected two quality brands to offer you the best possible experience: Cinq Mondes, French specialist in professional spa treatments offering a wonderful range of treatments combining traditions, quality and authenticity; and Reveel, a revolutionary German brand specialising in collagen care and the development of skin care products.


Cinq Mondes, a universe of softness and perfumes

Martin's Spa has chosen the Cinq Mondes brand for the exceptional quality of its products and treatments, but also for its collections designed as a true tribute to nature and its respect. The Cinq Mondes brand designs wellness rituals inspired by beauty traditions from five major regions of the world.

Cinq Mondes offers you a real sensory experience. Throughout the treatment, the products are applied following specific sensory rituals under an aromatic mist. The origins of the treatments and the ingredients are explained in detail to a musical background adapted to the selected ritual. An invitation to escape in an exotic and meditative atmosphere.

A sensory pleasure that can be found in each of Cinq Mondes' facial treatments. Each of these rituals gives you a deep feeling of wellness as well as results that are particularly visible on your skin. Each treatment is accompanied by relaxing massages (neck, head, hands, feet or legs) to be enjoyed while putting on masks.


Phytomer, to reveal your beauty

Reveel is a professional skin care brand with a sound medical and scientific heritage. This brand offers the scientifically proven performance of active ingredients that support the skin's natural functions for optimal results. Reveel revitalises the skin, helps it regain all its radiance and visibly improves its quality.

Based on the exclusive Advanced CryoSafe method, Reveel regenerates the skin using high-performance active ingredients. These products help your skin to meet its individual needs by reactivating and accelerating its natural functions, but also to replenish the nutrients it so badly needs. Phytomer is our partner in revealing the natural radiance of your skin!



Prolong the feeling of well-being

Bring this pleasant feeling of escape and relaxation home with our products available for sale. Trust the invaluable advice of our staff and select your products at Martin's City Spa or indulge yourself without delay in our online store

Discover the treatments and massages imagined by Cinq Mondes and Phytomer during a relaxing interlude behind the doors of Martin's City Spa in Louvain-la-Neuve.

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